Assessment Tools for Analyzing Protections For Paid In-home/Domestic Workers

Working Paper #3 reviews the state of knowledge about scorecards designed to evaluate provisions and the scope of care policies for paid in-home/domestic workers. This working paper coordinates and organizes previous research to build an agenda for analyzing country specific protections for paid domestic workers (see Working Papers #1 and 2), offering crossnational and transregional comparisons across our six country cases. This Working Paper consists of three main parts to highlight what we know, to detail our gaps in knowledge, and to offer strategies that can address these gaps by providing a roadmap for further research by
country teams and for conducting comparative analysis. Section one evaluates extant scorecards designed to measure the strength of protections for paid domestic workers. It critically assesses limitations of existing datasets and tools available to analyze protections for paid domestic workers, both pre-pandemic and COVID-19 responses. An extended evaluation of the Global Care Policy Index, in section two, lays the groundwork for interpreting policy provisions through in-depth country-specific reports (see Working Paper #2) that can advance our understanding of the regulatory framework and the gaps of protections within countries and drivers of variation between countries. The final section outlines our coordinated next steps.



Heidi Gottfried

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