Who Cares? Care and Pandemics in Transnational Perspective

Data: 26/05/2023
Hora: 9h45-18h
Local: AuCentreCNRSPouchet, 59/61 rue Pouchet, Paris17e
Tipo: Colóquio
Organizador(a): Aurélie Damamme, Helena Hirata, Nadia Boukhobza, Elodie Nicolas, Michelle Redondo
Descrição do evento:

“Who Cares? Care and Pandemics in Transnational Perspective” aims to present preliminary results of an international research project carried out by inter-disciplinary teams from six countries: Brazil, Canada, Colombia, France, the United Kingdom and the United States. These are countries with diverse employment and social protection systems. This international conference will be an opportunity to highlight the experiences of care workers in settings like hospitals, nursing homes, or at home. Second, it also will present policy responses of States and other social actors, and in so doing, identifies commonalities and striking contrasts manifest in these various strategies. Our conference brings together specialists from a range of social science disciplines and will offer insights into the intersecting social inequalities during tis period of multiple crises.

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