United States

Advisory Board

The Advisory Board aims to be a permanent communication channel between researchers and relevant social actors in the field of care, with a view toward expanding the social impacts of research results

The National Advisory Board members of the project in the United States:

Ilana Berger, Hand-in-Hand, The Domestic Employer’s Network

Mignon Duffy, Department of Sociology, University of Massachussets (UMass) Lowell

Nancy Folbre, Department of Economy, University of Massachussets (UMass) Amherst

Valerie Francisco-Menchavez, Department of Sociology, San Francisco State University

Jocelyn Olcott, Department of History, Duke University

Kezia Scales, Think Tank PHI - Quality Care through Quality Jobs
Vanessa Torti, Service Employees International Union – SEIU
Saba Waheed, Labor Center at the University of California – Los Angeles (UCLA)
Haeyoung Yoon, National Domestic Workers' Alliance