Caring is resisting: Lessons from domestic workers’ mobilizations during COVID-19 in Latin America

Artigo na revista científica Feminist Frontiers. O artigo foi publicado em inglês.

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Domestic workers were one of the most negatively affected groups by COVID-19 in Latin America, yet they have also been resisting and mobilizing in impressive and innovative ways. This article shows that domestic workers’ organizations were able to adapt to an extremely adverse context in order to protect their members and defend their rights. Furthermore, their mobilizations provide an alternative vision of society grounded on love and solidarity and offer concrete ways forward to “build back better.” Indeed, their core campaign, “Care for those who care for you”, demands the recognition of care work as real work and fair treatment for those who provide this care. Based on an analysis of this campaign, I have identified 3 repertoires of care-resistance: the promotion of self-care and well-being, concrete practices of solidarity through the distribution of humanitarian aid, and legal mobilizations for the recognition of care as a fundamental right. I argue that these forms of action contribute to feminist ethics and theories of care and that putting forward the right to care and be cared for in times of crisis is an act of resistance.


Louisa Acciar

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