Reciprocity, love and market in Brazilian care work for the elderly

Capítulo publicado no livro Love and the Politics of Care: Methods, Pedagogies,  Institutions, organizado por Stanislava Dikova , Wendy McMahon e Jordan Savage para a editora estadunidense Bloomsbury Academic. Livro teve sua primeira edição em 2022, e está presente nas páginas 169 a 184.  

Confira o resumo do livro (em inglês) abaixo:

This edited volume offers a contemporary rethinking of the relationship between love and care in the context of neoliberal practices of professionalization and work. Each of the book’s three sections interrogates a particular site of care, where the affective, political, legal, and economic dimensions of care intersect in challenging ways. These sites are located within a variety of institutionally managed contexts such as the contemporary university, the theatre hall, the prison complex, the family home, the urban landscape, and the care industry. The geographical spread of the case studies stretches across India, Vietnam, Sweden, Brazil, South Africa, the UK and the US and provides broad coverage that crosses the divide between the Global North and the Global South.


Anna Bárbara Araujo

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