Advisory Board

The Advisory Board aims to be a permanent communication channel between researchers and relevant social actors in the field of care, with a view toward expanding the social impacts of research results

The Advisory Board members of the project in Brazil:

1. People with prominent roles in Brazil’s state and civil society institutions that are recognized for their importance in the field of care:

• ACIERJ – Association of Caregivers for Aging, Mental Health, and Disabilities in the state of Rio de Janeiro: Ana Gilda Soares dos Santos

• FENATRAD – Federation of Domestic Worker in Brazil: Cleide Pinto

• National Front for Strengthening Long-term Care Facilities: Karla Giacomin

• Arymax Foundation: Vivianne Naigeborin and Matheus Magalhães da Silva

• Oswaldo Cruz Foundation: José Luiz Telles

• SEADE Foundation – Directorship of Data Methodology and Production: Maria Paula Ferreira

• Brazilian Institute of Geography and Statistics: Cimar Azeredo Pereira

 • Ministry of Women – National Secretariat of Economic Autonomy: Rosane Silva

• Ministry of Development and Social Assistance, Family, and Fight Against Hunger – National Secretariat of Care and Family: Lais Abramo

• Ministry of Labor and Employment – Sub-secretariat of Labor Statistics and Studies: Paula Montagner

• Observatory of Human Longevity and Aging (OLHE): Marilia Berzins and Sergio Paschoal

• International Labor Organization / Brasília Office: José Ribeiro

• Sempreviva Feminist Organization (SOF): Nalu Faria and Miriam Nobre

• SOS Corpo – Feminist Institute for Democracy: Rivane Arantes

• Themis – Gender, Justice, and Human Rights: Márcia Soares

• Superior Labor Court: Minister Delaíde Alves Miranda Arantes

2. Researchers from Brazil’s academia whose intellectual leadership is recognized in the field of care studies.

• Bila Sorj: Sociologist, professor at the Institute of Philosophy and Social Sciences at the Federal University of Rio de Janeiro.

• Claudia Fonseca: Anthropologist, professor of anthropology at the Federal University of Rio Grande do Sul

• Yeda Duarte: Gerontologist, professor at the School of Nursing and the College of Public Health at the University of São Paulo